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Furnace Repair Specialists in Edmonton for 40 years

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Trusted Furnace Repair in Edmonton for 40 years

Is your furnace malfunctioning and may be broken? Thermo-Tech Mechanical Services Ltd can help you with quick furnace repairs in Edmonton. Our experts understand that delays in furnace repairs can lead to poor air quality and may increase your heating bills. We are available around the clock, so you can call us anytime. ​ Besides offering repair and maintenance services, we also educate our customers. The right knowledge can help you select the right furnace for your home. For maximum comfort, efficiency, and longevity, we can help you select the best furnace that fits your needs and budget. With 35 years of experience in the industry, you can expect us to install your furnace right the first time.

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Your Home Comfort Is Our Priority

With 40 years of experience, Thermo-Tech Mechanical Services Ltd. is your trusted furnace repair and maintenance partner in Edmonton. Here's what we bring to the table:

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What we offer 

Expert Furnace Repairs

Is your furnace malfunctioning or in need of repair? Our team of experts specializes in quick furnace repairs. We understand that delaying furnace repairs can lead to poor indoor air quality and increased heating costs. We're available 24/7, so you can count on us for timely assistance.

Mitigating Risks

Safety is a top priority for us. We take measures to mitigate risks, prevent electrical issues, and eliminate fuel leaks when installing your new furnace.

Knowledge Sharing

In addition to offering repair and maintenance services, we believe in educating our customers. Having the right knowledge can help you make informed decisions about your furnace. We're here to guide you in selecting the best furnace that fits your needs and budget.

40 Years Experience

Liscensed Technicians here to help you pick the best option possible for your home

Professional Installation

Our 35 years of industry experience ensure we get your furnace installation right the first time. We install furnaces efficiently, optimizing their performance for maximum comfort, efficiency, and longevity.

Old Furnace Check

If you're still using an older furnace, we can check the pilot light and ensure it's properly working.

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"Very prompt service. Technician diagnosed the problem with the furnace and fixed it. Also noticed a leak and repaired it.
Fair price for the service."
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Is your home feeling colder than usual, or have you noticed unusual behaviour from your furnace? It might be time to consider furnace repair. Here are some common signs that indicate your furnace may need professional attention:

Inconsistent Heating

If you notice uneven heating throughout your home, with some rooms feeling warmer or cooler than others, it's a sign that your furnace is struggling to distribute heat evenly.

Frequent Cycling

Furnaces that turn on and off frequently, known as short cycling, can indicate problems with the thermostat, sensors, or other components.

Unusual Noises

Furnaces typically make some noise, but if you hear banging, clanging, whistling, or other unusual sounds coming from your furnace, it's a sign of potential issues.

Yellow Burner Flame

A healthy furnace flame is blue. If you see a yellow or flickering flame, it could signify combustion issues, which can be dangerous and should be addressed promptly.

Increased Energy Bills

A sudden spike in your heating bills without a corresponding increase in usage could indicate reduced furnace efficiency, leading to higher energy costs.

Persistent Cold Air

If your furnace is blowing cold or lukewarm air instead of warm air, it's a clear sign that something is a miss with your heating system.

Strange Odours

Foul or unusual odours from your furnace, such as gas, a burning or musty odour, can indicate various issues, including overheating or mould growth in your ducts. Call us right away for help!

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A few troubleshootig tips


Thermostat Settings

Check that your thermostat is set to "heat" at the desired temperature you would like your space.


Clean Furnace Filter

A dirty or clogged furnace filter can impede airflow and cause heating problems. Replace or clean the filter regularly.

electric panel.png

Check Electric Panel

Inspect your home's electric panel to see if the furnace breaker has tripped. Reset it if necessary.


Furnace Switch

Ensure the furnace switch is in the "up" or "on" position.

Tune-ups May Extend Your Furnace's Life Span

During tune-ups, our licensed professionals closely examine the important parts of your furnace. Trust us to clean gas burners, check the heat exchanger for cracks, observe the airflow, check the gas valve, and examine all electrical components.

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