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Thermo-Tech Mechanical Services Ltd carries the gas-fired Futera III heating boiler. Futera Series boilers and water heaters are efficient, reliable and continuously provide a high rate of performance. The Futera III features full modulation, supplying a precise amount of heat. This allows you to maintain the desired building temperature you need without over-firing or wasting energy. Furthermore, these boilers are easy to service and come in a sleek, stainless steel jacket design.

The Futera III by RBI®

As the flagship boiler of RBI®, you should expect a lot in the way of performance and savings with the Futera III — and these units truly deliver. The Futera III reaches 88% efficiency, 500 - 1,999 MBH and 4:1 full modulation. With cast iron headers for the boilers and bronze headers for the water heaters, you can depend on unparalleled performance, easy maintenance and cost savings.

To learn more about the Futera III, visit the RBI® website, or call Thermo-Tech Mechanical Services Ltd, today!

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