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Air Conditioning Replacement and Installation in Edmonton

Are you looking for a reliable company to repair or replace your air conditioner? Thermo-Tech Mechanical Services Ltd has been offering air conditioning replacement and installation services in Edmonton for 35 years. Whether the parts of your air conditioner have deteriorated or your system has become less efficient, we can help. Replacing the existing system with an energy-efficient central air conditioning system will reduce your energy bills.

When to Repair or Replace Your System?

Have you been using your air conditioner for more than 8 years? It is possible that it may be running less efficiently than a newer unit. An energy-efficient air conditioner can help you save on your electricity bills. If your system is more than 15 years old, expensive repairs may be needed. The possible reasons for repairs can be:

  • Parts have deteriorated

  • R22 refrigerant may be eliminated

Conditioning Experts

Hire Us to Install a New System

When you choose us to install an air conditioner system, our professionals will help you select the right one. We understand that various factors affect the cooling of a home, such as square footage, total volume, and insulation. While installing your system, our team will consider all these factors to provide you with the most efficient solution possible. Call us to book an appointment.

Your Edmonton Based Air Conditioning Experts

When you need air conditioning in Edmonton to keep your home cool and comfortable, the Thermo-Tech team will work with you to select the right unit for your space. We want to help you maximize the efficiency of your air conditioner in order to keep your comfort high and your costs low. We have experience with both duct and ductless units, and can both install and repair them correctly.

Install a New System

Save on Cooling

We can install energy-efficient air conditioners in your home.

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