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Commercial Air Conditioning Systems in Edmonton

When it comes to installing an air conditioner for your office, choose Thermo-Tech Mechanical Services Ltd. Installing commercial air conditioning systems in your Edmonton office will increase productivity and lower utility costs. We install air conditioners for:

  • Server room or data centre

  • Manufacturing industries

  • Industrial environments

  • Commercial buildings

  • Food cooking and processing companies

We Deliver Cost-effective Comfort

Our experts are trained and skilled in installing the packaged rooftop units, split systems, make-up air units, and other commercial cooling equipment. We focus on installing systems that deliver cost-effective comfort and can be replaced easily during emergencies.

 Cost-effective Comfort
Contact Us

Contact Us

In addition to improving your HVAC systems' efficiency, we also offer 24/7 emergency repairs and year-round preventative maintenance programs. We're available to repair or replace your air conditioner or air cleaner in Edmonton and the surrounding cities.


To learn more or to schedule our services, get in touch with Thermo-Tech Mechanical Services Ltd.


Install Efficient AC Units

For lower utility costs and the comfort of your employees, choose us to install energy-efficient systems.

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