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Expert Tips for Boiler Repair and Maintenance

It may surprise you that less than 10% of Canadian households used a boiler for heating in 2021. Although these appliances aren't quite as popular as other heating systems like furnaces, they still pull their weight when keeping your house comfortable.

It's not uncommon to experience issues with boiler function, and proper boiler maintenance is essential. Not everyone knows when to repair a boiler, though. Let's explore key information about boiler repair in Edmonton and Alberta.

Know the Warning Signs

It's essential to understand the warning signs that something is wrong with your boiler. One of the most common is rumbling/rattling sounds. These are often indicators that your circulating pump is malfunctioning.

Hearing these noises could also mean buildup on the bottom of your boiler tank. Leaks and odours coming from your boiler are other signs to keep an eye out for.

The good news is that these are easy to notice, and you likely won't have to look very hard to find them. If your utility bill is higher than normal, this is yet another indication you should take action and get to the root of the issue.

Get Annual Service

Annual service can go a long way in maintaining your boiler's longevity. Working with a reputable professional can ensure you resolve issues before they progress.

When searching for someone to work with, consider their past reputation. See what other clients have had to say about their experiences. Research their pricing structure, as well.

This will help you budget appropriately and avoid financial surprises. Finally, consider how communicative they are.

If they aren't easy to get in touch with or don't seem interested in helping you meet your goals, continue your search elsewhere. This will save you a large amount of stress.

Maintain Proper Water Pressure

Keeping your water pressure high enough is crucial, as it will help you circulate hot water through the appliance. Regularly check the boiler's pressure gauge to ensure the water pressure is at the right level.

If it's too high or too low, those with experience can adjust the pressure on their own. If you've never done this before, wait until you get in touch with a professional to avoid potential issues.

How Thermo-Tech Can Help

We're a locally-owned company with 35 years of experience in the industry. We treat each project with meticulous care and constantly strive to exceed expectations for our residential and commercial clients.

Thermo-Tech offers preventive maintenance programs, and we also offer 24-hour emergency service. Our clients should never hesitate to contact us when they're in need. We're always ready to help connect you with the right solution.

Don't Neglect Boiler Repair

Taking action when you notice issues is essential. As long as you prioritize boiler repair, you can avoid many complications you may have otherwise encountered.

Get a free quote from Thermo-Tech Mechanical Services today. Our professional team has the tools and resources to handle your project's needs.

Boiler Repair Tips

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